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Whitby Dickensian Christmas Festival

The Home of the Whitby Dickensian Festival

The Whitby Dickensian Festival Weekend

18th – 21st December 2015


What’s On At The 2015 Whitby Dickensian Christmas Festival

This year we have:

  • Dickensian Fancy Dress

      • Why not get into the spirit of the festival with traditional Victorian fancy dress. You can go big with a full costume or just take part a more simple tribute to Dickens.
    Fancy dress couple in whitby

    Dickensian fancy dress couple in whitby

    Dickensian women Fancy dress in whitby

    Traditional Womens Fancy dress










  • Things to do for kids

    Things to do for kids at whitby Dickensian festival

    Things to do for kids in Whitby

    • There are loads of things for children to do at the Whitby festival. The carnival atmosphere is very exciting to children to see, taste and smell what the Victorian era would have been like and to learn more about what being a Dickensian Child would have been like.




  • Live Dickensian Music

    Music at the Chrsitmas Festival Whitby

    Music at the Dickensian Festival whitby

    • With years of experience, Whitby provides the UK’s finest live Dickensian festival music. With local group singing Christmas carols and more unknown local songs which Dickens himself would have known and loved and sang in this exact spot all those years ago. The atmosphere in Whitby is sensational with a real community spirit to both locals and visitors alike.



  •  Food and Drink

    Dickensian festival food menu

    Dickensian festival food menu

    • The highlight of the Whitby Festival is always the White Horse and Griffin Dickensian Menu. It is widely know as the place to go for great locally sourced food in the Dickensian themed restaurant at the heart of Whitby. So enjoy the festivities in Whitby town then relax with a warm glass of mulled wine in front of our open wood fire in the warm and cosy restaurant for the best Dickensian menu ever to come out of Whitby.





 The History: Charles Dickens at the White Horse & Griffin Hotel

Charles Dickens - Dickensian Fesival

Charles Dickens

The word Dickensian historically originates from Charles Dickens or more accurately his literary writings. Dickens is renown for such excellent prose to describe a Victorian world of poverty, injustice and squalor, however, often in his writing, he would describe such unparalleled optimism and hope for all key characters. It is for this reason that the Christmas Markets and celebration of his literary style is still celebrated today across the world. To this day a Dickensian festival to a celebration of fancy dress, Victorian style poetry, traditional foods and drinks such as mulled wine and hearty stews or fish and chips.



Dickensian Festival Special Offers: Hotel and Restaurant

Snowy Dickensian Christmas in Whitby

Snowy Christmas scene

For details of what special offers we are offering this year, please contact us:


01947 604857





Merry Christmas from Everyone at The White Horse and Griffin

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